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Authorised Service Agents

Keep your vehicle compliant with the manufacturer’s warranty by having the recommended regular log book services. Jeeps R Us in Coffs Harbour is an authorised service centre, providing log book servicing for Jeep and Chrysler, and all vehicle makes and models.

Log book maintenance is essential, to keep your vehicle operating at its peak, ensuring every component continues to function efficiently. Regular servicing not only keeps the systems working smoothly, it also helps keep you safer while you’re on the road. While servicing your vehicle, we check for signs of minor deterioration or damage that could become significant and more expensive, potentially causing problems for you in the future.
Log Book Servicing — Jeeps R Us in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Quality Parts

When you leave your car with us for servicing, it’s in good hands. All log book servicing at Jeeps R Us is done by a qualified professional, Richard has been working on Jeeps for more than 17 years and his experience spans across all vehicle makes and models. We use only quality parts and work according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Our workshop is fully equipped with a large range of genuine parts and accessories.

As an authorised service agent Jeeps R Us can do log book servicing without voiding your new car warranty.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How often is log book servicing necessary?
The general rule of thumb is to have your car serviced every six months or after every 10,000km, whichever comes sooner. However, you should check the log book for your specific vehicle to see the recommendations from the manufacturer.
What happens if I don’t service my car often enough?
Servicing is important to ensure your engine oil and fluids are at the appropriate levels. If oil or other essential fluids run on low or empty for too long, it can cause severe damage to your vehicle. During a routine service, the professional doing the inspection can also uncover minor problems that can become major over time.
Am I free to choose who services my car?
According to Australian law, vehicle manufacturers are not allowed to force you to service your car at a specific dealership. You can have your car serviced by any qualified mechanic who is authorised carry out the servicing and to fill in your log book.
Can I service my car myself?
Servicing at home might save you some money upfront, but unless you’re a qualified mechanic, you risk voiding your warranty and you can unintentionally cause damage to your vehicle or create safety issues.
Do I have to service at an authorised mechanic?
While you don’t have to service your vehicle with a specific dealership, you do need to use a qualified and licensed mechanic to keep your warranty intact. At an authorised service centre, you get a guarantee that your vehicle will be serviced by a professional.