New Car Servicing in Coffs Harbour


All Makes & Models

The best thing you can do for your new car is to have it serviced regularly by a qualified professional. At Jeeps R Us we provide expert new car servicing for all makes and models. Based in Coffs Harbour, we service all areas on the Coffs Coast, as well as Grafton, the Clarence Valley, Dorrigo, Macksville and Bonville.

Keeping your servicing schedule regular, means you can keep the car running efficiently, which also saves you money on the day to day running costs. It also means even the smallest issues can be picked up quickly and adjusted or repaired before they have a more far reaching impact.
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Experienced Professionals

Despite the confusion caused by misleading information over the years, about who can actually service your car, most people now understand that any qualified and authorised mechanic can provide servicing without voiding the manufacturer’s warranty.

As experienced professionals with extensive industry experience, we can pick up any noise or inefficiency quickly, before it becomes a problem. Specialising in Jeep and Chrysler we provide servicing for all makes and models. Get the best from your new car by having it serviced by the team at Jeeps R Us.

Having your new car regular serviced at our workshop will ensure you get the most driving value from your vehicle. We offer great value for money, and we’re approachable, you are welcome to come in to the workshop and talk to us about your car servicing at any time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my new car be serviced at any service centre?
Yes. Despite what many dealerships would have you believe, you can get your new car serviced with any licensed mechanic without voiding the new car warranty.
Is there a speed limit that applies to new cars
It’s wise to have a short running-in period with a new car. The user manual for your car should tell you how many RPMs to stick to and for how long. Depending on whether the car is petrol or diesel, the RPMs and speed recommendations may vary. Most recommendations apply for the first 1000-1200kms you drive.
Can any authorised repairer stamp my log book for service?
Yes. Any authorised mechanic is legally allowed to stamp your log book after carrying out services based on the manufacturer’s specifications.
Do new cars need to be serviced?
Yes. Even when a car is brand new, it still needs to be regularly maintained to refresh the engine oil and fluids. Proper servicing is essential to keeping your new car operating economically and efficiently for the long term.
What are the requirements for a qualified log book service?
Log book servicing should be carried out by a licensed mechanic and according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Any parts used should be good quality parts from a genuine supplier, any fluids need to match the manufacturer’s recommendations.