4WD Modifications in Coffs Harbour


Upgrades & Installations

At Jeeps R Us in Coffs Harbour we can do a range of professional 4WD modifications. Using only high quality, genuine parts and accessories from reputable suppliers, we can work on any make and model, any Jeep and Chrysler. If you take your vehicle off road, we can help you customise it to suit your 4WD activities, improving the functionality and performance.

If you’re looking for a solution for greater control on rough terrain, we can make some adjustments to give the vehicle more resilience, and safety, for getting out of those tough spots.
Jeep In Orange Desert — Jeeps R Us in Coffs Harbour, NSW


4WD vehicles in general rely heavily on a good suspension system. These are complex systems that should be customised to work for your specific vehicle, taking into account the weight, ride height, and other determining elements.

At Jeeps R Us, we take a unique approach when it comes to suspension systems. We base our recommendations on factors other than just ride height, providing a range of tuned suspension system upgrades that work with a variety of load capacities, control needs and comfort requirements.
Suspension — Jeeps R Us in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Bar Fittings

When it comes to 4-wheel driving, safety is paramount and it’s essential that your front and rear bars have the strength required to withstand any impact to the vehicle, while protecting it from damage at the same time At Jeeps R Us we can customise a solution to improve the strength by fitting the right bars to the front and rear of the vehicle.
Jeep Bars — Jeeps R Us in Coffs Harbour, NSW


A winch is almost an essential piece of equipment for any 4WD vehicle, whether you’re driving on the beach or in the bush, there are many scenarios you are likely to encounter that will require the use of a winch. From recovering your own vehicle from a tough spot to assisting others with bogged or stuck vehicles, a heavy-duty winch will give you increased power and line speed for quicker recovery and efficient operation.
Jeep Winch — Jeeps R Us in Coffs Harbour, NSW

Electric Brakes

Get enhanced safety and control with an electric braking system. These systems can assist you to control what you are towing, whether that’s a trailer or a van. Without the right braking system, it could be difficult to maintain control, an electric braking system will enable your trailer to brake simultaneously with your tow vehicle, providing a smooth ride and a sense of security for you as the driver.

Whatever type of modifications you need to make to your 4WD, Jeeps R Us are the people to talk to. We can take care of all installations of new parts, spares, and accessories.
Electric Brakes — Jeeps R Us in Coffs Harbour, NSW


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I upgrade my 4WD suspension?
Suspension upgrades are necessary whenever you need to increase your wheel diameter or tread width. You need to make sure every component is working together flawlessly if you want your 4WD to handle well with new tyres and wheels.
What can you use a winch for?
Winches are used to pull in or let out a strong cable or rope. They can either be electrical or operated with a hand crank. Effective for freeing any vehicle that is bogged or stuck in rough terrain.
What are electric brake systems on a 4WD?
An electric brake system connects a tow vehicle’s brakes with the brakes on the trailer it’s towing. These systems enable the driver to control the brake strength used as well as offering emergency manual braking.
Why are electric brake systems and controllers important?
An electric brake system enables a driver to have much more control over both the trailer or van and the tow vehicle. There’s a significant difference to the braking abilities and the level of control a driver has when towing a trailer. You won’t get as much push from behind and stopping will be easier and quicker.
Does it matter where I source parts for modifications?
Yes. For the best results, you should only use genuine parts from trusted, reliable suppliers. If you use parts sourced from unknown suppliers, you may be using parts that aren’t genuine. The quality of the parts you use directly relates to the reliability of your 4WD whether you’re on the road or on the rough.